Our work in Guyana.

Our venture in documenting the progression of health care in the South American country began in October 2016. Through our first projects working with The Guyana Program to Advance Cardiac Care (GPACC), we have learnt so much and have become invested in telling the stories of and bringing help in our own way to those in Guyana. Read below to learn more about our time and projects of the past year.


Switching Rhythm 

Our first endeavor within Guyana was producing a documentary exploring the work done by The Guyana Program to Advance Cardiac Care. Led by Dr. Debra Isaac and Dr. Wayne Warnica, GPACC is creating sustainable change in one of South America's poorest countries. Year-round training programs, modern equipment and medications are just some of what this unique program is doing to bring this vibrant country into the medical 21st century. This is unlike anything world health has seen before. 

Switching Rhythm will be released to the public in early 2018. 



While in Guyana on our first trip, we had the opportunity to create education videos for the International Children’s Heart Foundation, who work very closely with GPACC in Guyana. These videos aid in educating young patients and their families about all aspects of the surgical procedure. The idea of surgery can be very frightening for pediatric patients and their parents alike, so these simple videos are meant to give a reassuring idea of what’s to come, while also helping the doctors communicate this to them.  



Our last effort during our first trip to Guyana was creating training videos to educate doctors and nurses on some simple equipment and tasks. These videos aid the effort of year-round training and education, even when the doctors who lead GPACC aren’t in the country. 

Public Service Announcements

We are currently working on a campaign to raise awareness across Guyana about heart disease, the importance of treatment and where to get it. This is vital, because most of the population isn’t aware of heart disease and its potentially devastating effects due to lack of available medical treatment in most of the country. Our aim is to work with local celebrities and influencers to create videos that will be shown on local TV and social media sites, spreading important information about heart disease.